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1-3 May: Betsy Steiner Clinic. We are proud to welcome BetsySteiner to Walhalla Farm for a 3 day clinic. Riding and auditing spots are filling quickly, so please contact Lynn at [email protected] for more information. Registration forms can be found on the Walhalla Farm facebook page and clinic subpage. $300/ride.

1 March 2014: Welcome Sarah and Meyer! They have just joined us from NV and are great additions to the farm team. Sarah is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and will be offering a discount for the month of March to Walhalla Farm clients. I can speak to her thoroughness and effectiveness working on Elvis and am pleased to be able to recommend her to my clients. Her website is

15 June 2014: GO TEAM WALHALLA! Huge congratulations to MannyDiemer his first time out at Novice for getting a 33% on Kruggerand, AmandaBurton earning at 23.1% on Simon, and Christine Murray rounding out the contingent with a 37% on Ella! Very proud of my students and of all their hard work...the Queen of Darkness smiles....

22-23 May 2014: Lynn returned to the competition arena for the second time this year and qualified DonValentino (Elvis) for the CBLM Championships and got one of the scores needed for the RegionalChampionships at PSG. Now to fulfil the "two different judges as two different shows" requirement to fully qualify for Regionals. It wasn't their strongest showing, but Elvis is quite new to competing and Lynn was still a little lame. We are very grateful to management for stabling us as close to the arenas as possible. Sarah Ferebee also qualified CBLMs and only needs one more score to qualify Independence for Regionals at 1st level.

25 September 2013: Lynn and the girls were involved in a serious auto accident on the way to the girls' school. Annika suffered a broken C2 vertebrae resulting in three surgeries, leaving her in a halo for 3 months in an attempt to not have to fuse C1-C4. She also suffered a broken leg and arm and a fractured kidney. Greta had spleen and liver injuries and some severe seatbelt burns, and was discharged two days later. Both girls were airlifted to UNC from Cape Fear Hospital. Lynn suffered a shattered tibial plateau, broken sternum, collarbone and 4 broken bones in her feet.

7-8 September 2013: Don Valentino put in a solid performance at the Pinehurst show, improving to a 62% at his first time at PSG. We are quite proud of him and expect him to come out next year for the Developing Horse GP. He was quite eager to show off his passage in parts of the test as well as his ones. Given his quite limited competition experience, we are happy that he was trying so hard to please and showing off at the same time. The score was immaterial, his answers to all the questions asked of him were perfect.

10-11 August 2013: Don Valentino made his first public appearance at the Early Morning Blues competition! He hadn't competed since he did 1st level as a 4 year old, so we weren't sure what we were in for, but he was fantastic. One of the most rideable horses at a is rewarding that he allowed me in and trusted me - made that year of developing trust really worth it. We only scored a 60% at 4th/2, but most of the marks were 7s except for the 4s for passage and the multiple strings of 1s... He's got about 15 different trots at the moment, being as he is working on the Pi and the Pa and keeping more cadence in the collected's rather like a 12 step programme for the trot..."Hello, my name is Elvis and I'm addicted to doing a different trot with each leg"..."Hiiiiii Elvis..."

14 July 2013: Congrats to Manny Diemer and Amie Collins! Amie got a 29.5 for 1st on Laini and a 32 on Dessa for 2nd at BN and Manny got a 28.3 at Novice at the Carolina Horse Park! Personal best for Manny and Bru - we are very excited for and proud of both of them!

6-7 July 2013: Lynn spent the weekend in MD for the D2 session of the L Program practicing judging and being evaluated. It was great to see the group again as well as catching up with Kate Feeley-Lynch who is now stationed in DC.

1 July 2013: A big welcome to Clyde and Jaimie! Janice and John Gregorich moved down from Connecticut and the kids are with us to get back into shape and get on track while their farm is being finished. We are happy to have them and excited to see the horses' develop.

We took advantage of Sara Schmitt (S) being in town for the CDE to get in some training time. Very grateful to her for being willing to drive back and forth twice on Thursday and then on Friday to accommodate schedules. Izzy Maset and Huey found out that I am not the only one who believes in them and that she can get nice work out of her pony - it's all about consistency, firmness, and letting him know that she knows exactly where all of his 2000 parts need to be. Mary Phelps and Dominatrix got themselves in front of someone else and heard the same things a slightly different way and got some nice work! Joy Hudson and Dior had the frustrating experience of a typical 3 year old ride where every step has to be managed and the rider's position and aids have to be crystal clear and consistant to explain this Greek to a young horse, but had some nice moments! Kate Feeley-Lynch rode Dia and got to ask for MORE! Lynn and Don Valentino were sticklers for those basics on day one and then on day two worked on promptness to the leg/seat/flexion and getting over his PTSD on the movements...they will be piddling at some competitions this year to get him used to competing and then gunning it at the Developing Horse Grand Prix next year! Deb Branson and Dana Diemer had some driving fun with Sara to fine tune things before the CDE and reported good work and lessons learned.

Dana Diemer driving Bryn at the CDE (Carolina Horse Park) got their career best of 41.25 (think FEI eventing scoring)!!! They are in 2nd place after dressage with a 4 point cushion between them and the 3rd position. Very proud of the two of them! Deb Branson and the boys had a pony day, but plenty of room to make it up on cones and marathon - we're pulling for you!

Amie Collins and Manny Diemer knocked it out of the water at SPI! Congrats!!!

Go Manny Diemer!!! He had a great show with Krugerrand at Sporting Days and finished on his dressage score - that always makes the Queen of Darkness happy

Welcome to Lisa and Roman - two new members of Team Walhalla! Roman is a young Dutch cross just getting started under saddle and we are pleased to be working with such a sweetheart.

Congratulations Joy on the purchase of her new 3yo Hanoverian mare Dior (Delaurentis x Werther). Look for their first public appearance later this summer.

1/20/13: Lynn had a wonderful time judging the Dressage portion of the Driving Test at the Schooling Show at Big Sky Farm on Saturday. It was a beautiful day (one can never get enough of those, especially in the winter) and the participants really put their hearts into their work. I thank everyone at Big Sky Farm for having me out there, it is a magnificent farm and the facilities are delightful. Thank you all very much!

1/1/13: Happy New Year! Here's to a wonderful new year for Walhalla Farm and Team Walhalla! 2012 was a fantastic year, all of our students and friends put in truly tremendous effort; it was evident in the proficiencies and progress in the abilities of both horse and rider, and some great test scores. Lynn had a superlative showing at Regionals on Gardel (especially considering the weather!), and in the run up to Regionals in getting the scores we needed. We're very proud of the time, effort and energy that everyone put into their riding. It is really rewarding to see how far everyone has come. Keep up the great work!

12/12/12: We are happy to announce a clinic with Sara Schmitt,

Grand Prix Dressage Rider, Trainer and Judge on February 16th & 17th. As a real treat, she will be holding the clinic in both Driven Dressage and Ridden Dressage! Check out her website for more information about her and get in contact with Lynn to reserve your slot, [email protected] and 910-603-2865.

11/5/12: We had a fantastic time at the NCDCTA Harvest Moon Dressage! After an incredibly successful competition year, Gardel's Championship Ride earned him a 5th Place Ribbon in 4th Level Open, for Region 1! The competition at that level was truly the crème de la crème. He also had his first Prix St. George ride, in which he came in 2nd! Lynn has big plans for Gardel (Delly), and has enjoyed training him and campaigning him for owner Susan Fritts.

We also enjoyed spending time with Debbie Stanitski and all our friends from Briar Creek Stables. Debbie, Kris, and Jeanene all had really great rides, and their test scores reflect it! We also had a great time with the rest of Team Briar Creek, Ruth and Colleen, who were amazing at helping to keep us all on time, as warm as possible, laughing, and sane! Congratulations to all, and the best of luck in next years competition season!

10/3/12: Lynn was at Briar Creek Stables in Louisburg today, where she taught a clinic to prepare the riders for Regionals. Some of the main areas she focused on were rider position, straightness, and throughness. It was very nice seeing Cassidy, an Eventer, again and we look forward to following her results as she campaigns Prophet Intermediate this year. We're also looking forward to seeing Kris and Jeanene at Regionals!

9/30/12: Congratulations to Kate, who competed at Pinehurst Fall Dressage yesterday riding Krown Royal. She did an excellent job, placing 3rd in First Level, Test 3! She then promptly shipped off to Fort Polk today, so she was operating under her fair share of pressure. We look forward to seeing her when she gets back in a month's time. Well done Kate!

8/27/12: Lynn and Gardel got the qualifying score they needed to go to Regionals at 4th level. She got a 62.5 and 65 at 4th/3. Together, they put in a great deal of effort preparing to get the needed scores. He'll be doing his first St. Georges at Harvest Moon this year. Lynn and Gardel, owned by Susan Fritts, make a great team.

8/19/12: Another fantastic Clinic with Gigi!! Good rides were had by all. Gigi noted improvements from last time - riders keeping horses much straighter to the line of travel, working on the finer control of the hind legs and timing of the half halts; like Joy's Wunderkind and Lynn's Don Valentino. She and Lynn developed a plan to correct the holes in Wunderkind's basics, and instill the many joys of going FORWARD! as well as trust in the rider.

Brenna was new to Gigi this time and had a great lesson learning to ride every step and create more flexibility in her Rocky. Rolo was on fire this time (very well motivated, not literally) and was a little machine as he worked with Tracey - it has been great to see these positive changes in them. They work hard and do their homework and it really shows. Ramses and Joy were focusing on Second Level collection/mediums, and positioning work - he gets more interested as the work gets more difficult; a very positive sign.

                                                            Gigi enjoys her first game of Cornhole outside the Sly Fox      

8/6/12: She did it! Joy has purchased another horse! Wunderkind, barn name Stu, is a super 5 year old Oldenburg by Wildcard who had been started in Hunters and will now join The Order of the 20 Metre Circle. We are very excited to be a part of their progress! We wish her the best of luck and that her Wildcard is an Ace.