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FULL BOARD w/4 lessons/month - $1300

             - 12x12 rubber matted stall.

                - bedded in shavings

                - cleaned daily & picked throughout the day

                - thermostatic ceiling fans in all stalls

        - Includes rotational de-worming every 8 weeks.

        - Includes blanketing.

        - Feet are picked when turned in.

        - Use of laundry facilities. (Inc. a front-load washer which is gentler on mattes pads.)

        - Customized feed program.

        - Grass hay, not coastal!

        - Individual turnout.

                - grassy paddocks, most with run-in sheds

                - 3 and 4 board fencing

                - double fenced, to prevent arguments over the fence lines

        - Access to several hundred acres of trails.

        - Trailering to shows/clinics/etc - $2.00/mile


- Includes all the amenities in full board.

- 5 training rides/lessons per week.

- The training scale is the basis of our methods.

- Quiet, consistent approach

- Sense of humor = free gift with purchase

- We do not believe in "quick fixes", just solid, time-tested methods.


        - Includes all the amenities of full board

        - 3 training rides/lessons per week.

Lieges, a Young Horse just Starting Work


      - Private lessons only due to the attention to detail required by dressage.

      - Beginners through FEI dressage.

      - Solid German background focusing on the independence of the seat/aids.

      - Good, solid, and patient building of the basics.

      - Positive, enthusiastic work toward achieving set goals and proficiency.

      - All lessons are at least 45 minutes.

      - Will travel to your farm (travel fee applies) or host you at ours. 

***Non-traditional students and horses are WELCOME!***

Private Lessons - $100 (at Walhalla Farm)

                                   $125 (off site location, within 15 miles)

Available for clinics, please contact for rates

Lesson Policies:

Lessons begin at the appointed lesson time. Please be on time and ready to work so that you may get the most out of your time.

Please be considerate of the trainer's time and that of other clients!!***Cancellations Require 24 Hours Notice***

Emergencies not withstanding.

This is so other clients may be given the time slot. An appointment canceled without proper notice represents a loss of revenue to the business and a missed opportunity for another rider to be able to train.

Cancellations made without 24 hours notice may incur a cancellation fee; to be implemented at the discretion of the trainer.


For the student looking to get the feel of series changes, pirouettes, upper level lateral work or piaffe/passage, there is the opportunity to ride one of Lynn's competition horses. These lessons are $150 and at Lynn's discretion.